In addition to being the favorite of children (and many grown up children), peanuts are not just tasty, they come up with many health benefits.

We are a renowned manufacturers and exporters best known for 100% hygienic production and processing of premium quality peanut seeds, groundnuts, bold peanuts, groundnut shells and edible nuts.

Well equipped with advanced machineries, we bag the rights to boast about being the first company in Mlaysia for running the 100% pollution free and eco-friendly manufacturing plant of processing peanuts. With the least moistured and the least aflatoxin levels, our peanuts meet the international quality standards

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From production to consumer in the shortest time frame possible and have a weekly product cycle. Usage of high quality raw materials and efficient processing to enhance the consumer experience
Aim to become the global leader in producing highest quality snack foods which is fresh, tasty and healthy with natural ingredients.


develop & launch

Develop and launch new products bi-annually to lead and stay ahead of competitors.

brand leader

Become the brand leader locally in “Kacang Puteh” industry by product positioning and variety.

blue ocean

Grow the export market by using blue ocean strategy

hire, train & develop

Hire, train anda develop performing team members to support and sustain the company’s growth



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A Brief History

The Kacang Puteh industry has existed in Malaysia for more than 80 years. All started with a clan of a family from South India settled in Ipoh, Perak. They were doing various work from rubber tapping, mining, government clerks to some businesses activities, but there is no solid evidence to support any of this. Anyhow, all this would take a drastic turn when the place they inhabited had a rock slide and killed many members of the clan.

The local government back then relocated them to the now know place as “Kampung Kacang Puteh”. Once they arrived at the new place, they wanted to support their families for basic needs and started making traditional “Kacang Puteh”. A one item snack food business which focuses on selling boiled and seasoned “Kacang Puteh”. Kacang means nut or peanut or beans and Puteh means white. From there, many of them started their own stall in different places to support their families.

After a few decades, other people who were staying in that area also started picking up the same business and the competition grew stiffer. Hence to remain competitive, everyone started making more variety of products and range to offer more products to the consumer. Thus, a whole new industry and a product category were born.

Now there are about 200 Kacang Puteh manufacturer’s in the country and about 85% of them are from “Kampung Kacang Puteh”. As the product continues to grow and reach more audience, the Malay and Chinese also started to venture into this business with their own taste and culture in the business. From that, there are about the only handful of companies which operate with a factory and proper business model. Majority of them still maintain and hard labor and handmade snack. This industry is recognized as “Industri Desa” meaning village industry to support the local SME’s and promote tourism activities.

Kacang Puteh products are available from America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Its available in almost every country and this change only happened in the last decade. The total market size of this product category is still very small as there is no brand leader or any prominent company which will make with product category a glo-cal product.

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